Pocket Knife Army - as small as a pocket knife, but a sound as big as an army. When this duo from Utrecht (The Netherlands) unfold their instruments on stage you wouldn't believe it's just the two of them making music. With their love for 80’s electronic music and their unquenchable thirst for experiment,  they’ve created a unique and intriguing sound beyond the borders of any genre. Some say they sound like the electronic equivalent of The White Stripes (Analogue Trash UK), others compare them to St. Vincent or Depeche Mode. The label that best describes their music would be left-field electronic pop.  

Pocket Knife Army is most famous for their energetic live shows. On stage they build a spaceship of synthesizers, drum machines, sequencers, guitars and lighting effects to fly away in and suck you into their parallel universe. For a moment you will even forget that there’s an outside world, not in the least because of Erwin’s shredding skills on the keytar or Desirée’s enchanting voice. 

A Pocket Knife Army show is a show you do not want to miss and will never forget.


“If the White Stripes had gone electronic, it might have sounded as dangerous, untamed and enjoyable as [Pocket Knife Army]”

- Analogue Trash (UK)

“Portishead headlined Lowlands Festival. If they can do it, we can be sure Pocket Knife Army can do it too.”

- 3VOOR12 (NLD)

“They’ve built up enough experience and that’s noticeable when they take the stage, instantly capturing the attention of the audience.”

- Moskovsky Komsomolets (RUS)

Watch a live version of 'Over and Done'