Monthly Challenge: May


Two things came together this month. Firstly, we had the piano in our studio tuned recently and thought it would be nice to do something with it. And second, we thought about doing something really minimalistic this time.

Tis is probably the most minimalistic song we’ve ever made, and we’re really happy with how this experiment turned out! We wrote the song on acoustic guitar, and later swapped the guitar for the cute synth part that is the backbone of the song.

After we were done making the video with Jesse we made some plans for June, and it’s going to be something totally different to this. Stay tuned! :)


New release: Exhale Acoustic


Something totally different this month! An acoustic version of our song Exhale. Most of our songs are written on a guitar or piano, and this one is no exception. The version on our latest album 'Forever Counting Sheep' is loaded with synths and other instruments, but we wanted to take the song back to its roots. Now you can be a part of our songwriting process too by listening to this version. Additionally, we took this as a nice opportunity to film a video ourselves, in our own studio.

Listen to the song on Spotify:


Monthly Challenge: February


And there’s another one! We did it again! It is quite difficult to write, arrange, rehearse, record and film a song in one month. 30 days are gone before you can blink, but with some hard work, dedication and a lot of sweat we created ‘The Weight’.

This song is about carrying someone (or something) on your back. At first you think you’re okay with it, but sometimes this weight on your back becomes heavier and heavier, but you can’t get rid of it.

Erwin really turned his new modular synth inside out for this one and Desirée had to practice keerping the bass line going while singing and performing the song. We hope you like it! If you do, please share it with your friends!


Monthly Challenge: January


We gave ourselves a new years challenge: a new release every month! This means we have to spend a lot of time in our studio creating stuff (oh the torture ;-)), writing a song within a few days, rehearse it and film it. We made it through the first month and the result is a song called 'The Editor'.

This song is about people who try to control everything by automating every proces, even if sometimes that is not the best way to do it. The Editor in this story is a metaphor for the people who pull the strings and he controls everything we write with auto-correction. Because of all the automated processes the personal approach gets lost along the way and in the end we won’t even know who we are and what we stand for, because it’s already spelled out for us. 

The song started with a simple bass riff, that became the main riff of the song, doubled with the Korg MS20. This time we tried a new songwriting approach we call ‘the ping-pong method’. We worked on it individually at first, throwing the song back and forth and adding new ideas to it. After that we came together in the studio and finished the song and the arrangement.

We hope you like it!

In one week we will drop the second song of this challenge. Be prepared for something different, yet still Pocket Knife Army style!

Enjoy your day!


New studio!

Studio Verbouwing.jpg

After a few months of blood, sweat and tears, we can finally say: OUR OWN STUDIO IS FINISHED! 

We were lucky to find a great spot in an old train repair station, with some other great artists and musicians. The idea behind our second living room was to create a comfortable space where we want to spend a lot of time creating our own music, recording our own music and make (live) music videos. But also create music for others and do video shoots with fellow musicians.

One of the things we are really proud of is the fact we built everything ourselves, like the wooden acoustic panels. Somewhere in our storage we had a few Japanese style shoji doors we made for our video of Forever Counting Sheep and we re-used them as acoustic panels, as you can see on the pictures.