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Heavily relying on the instrumental and vocal skills of its members, Pocket Knife Army made a niche for themselves where the attack and grit of a rock band meets the drama of modern electronic pop. Eschewing the use of a laptop in favor of analog synthesizers and drum machines, the duo pushes the concept of live electronica to its limit.

Their music is best described as a Russian Matryoshka. The outermost doll looking like a cyborg, half human, half machine, while at heart, the smallest doll would probably more resemble Jeff Buckley. Pocket Knife Army is, all things considered, more about the impact of the songs than anything else. Around that come the layers of intricate arrangements, gritty synths, and Desirée Coumans’ expressive vocal skills.

After their critically acclaimed debut album, the band toured through their home country and started writing songs for the second album ‘Forever Counting Sheep’, which was released on March 8th 2018. The invitation to play during Tallinn Music Week was the starting point of their international career, followed by a tour through Europe.

To keep pushing their skills even further, the band took up the monthly challenge to write, arrange and produce a song each month of 2019, and film an accompanying live session.

More material is scheduled to be released later that year.

Vocals, (Bass)Guitar / Desirée Coumans
Synths, Sampling / Erwin Tuijl





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Forever Counting sheep

This time i’ll come out unharmed


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Forever Counting Sheep - Vinyl / CD

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This Time I’ll Come Out Unharmed - Vinyl / CD

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EP - Pocket Knife Army

The first EP released in 2014. Digital album, download only.





The Weight (live)


Pocket Knife Army performing 'The Weight', live from the PKA studio. Filmed by Jesse Immanuel Bom Edited by Desirée Coumans Copyright Pocket Knife Army. All rights reserved



NEW ALBUM OUT NOW Listen to 'Forever Counting Sheep' on Spotify and other streaming services: This song was inspired by a photo book about Charleroi, made by Stephan Vanfleteren.

ALBum release show

3.8.2018 / Live at EKKO Utrecht

Recorded Live @ Ekko, Utrecht 08-03-2018. Filmed by Jesse Bom (Close-ups) and Claudia van Swelm (Audience shots) Copyright Pocket Knife Army 2018


The dream eater (live)


A new track each month! Each month of 2019 we're going to write and produce a song, take it to the synth setup, and film a live session of it. No laptops, no overdubs. If you like our video, don't forget to hit subscribe!


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