Thanks for taking the time to listen to our new unreleased album! We've been working very hard on this one and we are really proud of the result. Enjoy and let us know what you think!

About Pocket Knife Army

Introducing Pocket Knife Army: the electrifying duo bringing a fresh and eclectic sound to the electronic indie pop scene. With Desirée's mesmerizing vocals and Erwin’s masterful manipulation of synthesizers and drum machines, this band is sure to entrance and enthrall audiences with their unique blend of 80's-inspired, danceable tracks. Comparable to the likes of The White Stripes, St. Vincent, and Depeche Mode, Pocket Knife Army's music is a distinct breed of left-field electronic pop.

But the musical prowess of Pocket Knife Army is only matched by their captivating live shows. With their infectious energy, alluring performance style and mesmerizing light displays, every performance is a feast for the senses. 


The album 'Midnight Masquerade'

Pocket Knife Army's highly anticipated new album, "Midnight Masquerade", is finally here, and it's a groovy, danceable masterpiece that showcases the band's unique sound and captivating live energy.

The album fuses the retro vibes of 80's art pop with a modern twist, inviting you to the dance floor to escape reality and express yourself. 

Featuring some of the songs from their Monthly Release Challenge in 2019 and 2020, plus one brand new track, "Midnight Masquerade" captures the excitement of a Pocket Knife Army live performance. Recorded at their own studio, Studio Apparatus, the album showcases the band's expert use of synthesizers, vocals, bass guitar, and drum machines, as well as their signature backing vocal layers.

But Pocket Knife Army is more than just a music act - they also incorporate film, visuals, and theatrical elements into their performances, making their shows a truly immersive experience.